Gerald James: You Do the Same!

I am 21 and a lot of you may wonder why I chose to produce this kind of content. My answer is simply I do not know. I have realized the more aware I am of my own uncertainty, the more I become a part of the collective of greater good because I take part in educating the world. My life goal is to lead one of honesty, curiosity and compassion. Once you know this about me, you will learn that I am trying. To me however, I am not trying, I am just projected properly and embracing and really feeling the pain of sitting for hours upon hours in a sea of internet citizens, lost on their commute to their next browser, shopping market or social media. I have been making my mistakes for 21 years and quite honestly I learned a lot. I learned enough to start fixing relationships, making goals for myself and embracing pain. There are no hyper links for my first blog post, and it probably sucks. But I want you to embrace it, as I am now. Next time you’re in my room, know I am genuinely welcoming and I will make you feel loved, I will make you feel so special.

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